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Fast, efficient and scalable – Database

Increased Security

Use of military grade encryption and industry standard security practices ensures your data is protected, secure and always available.

Cloud Migration

Lost your local copy of data file? Don’t worry. Our one-click download feature lets you access your backup anytime and anywhere.

Monitor Databases

Monitor the uptime of your website from 3 continents and get notified in the event of a server or network outage.

Different Database Upgrade Solutions to suit every need!


to SQL Migration
  • High performance
  • Increased availability
  • Scalability
  • Immediate recoverability
  • Server-based processing
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to SQL Migration
  • Accelerates performance
  • Advanced security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Hybrid cloud functionality
  • Streamline costs
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to Mongo Migration
  • Rich Data Model
  • Structure of a single object is clear
  • Document Oriented Storage
  • Easy for Programmers
  • Auto-Sharding
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to Access Migration
  • Easy to store data
  • Format cells
  • Scalability
  • Referential Integrity
  • Automation through Macros and VBA Modules
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Your database upgrading is one click away

Upgrading to a new database is a basic part of database maintenance and administration. Upgrading a database provides the Database Upgrade Assistant and specialized scripts and tools to assist with the upgrade process and to automate many steps.


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